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Your legal issue has innumerable variables. It might be a relatively minor traffic violation in Marshall County, Kentucky, or the surrounding areas, or you might be taking the time to meticulously undertake estate planning, or may have a difficult probate, personal injury or family law issue. Regardless of circumstance, you need a lawyer who is committed to a resolution that will work for you.

Marshall County/Benton Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorneys

At Prince & Brien, P.S.C., in addition to being the most experienced firm in Marshall County, we take the time to know our clients and their situations. We hear about clients who seek out Benton criminal defense or family law attorneys and find themselves getting kicked out of the office in half an hour.

In any of our practice areas, we take the time to understand our clients' situations. After all, we can't put our experience and knowledge to work toward the best possible outcomes if we don't take the time to understand our clients' cases in addition to their wants and needs. Fortunately, because we've remained in Western Kentucky since we both started practicing over three decades ago, we've taken great pride and interest in our community, so taking time to know our clients has been a pleasure. We believe they feel the same way as we've had loyal clients for our entire tenure. We hope that we can add you to that same loyal client base.

To discuss any aspect of your legal issue, call our offices at 800-574-9036 or e-mail us to set up an initial consultation.