Finding Lasting Solutions To Family Law Disputes

When residents of Marshall County, Kentucky, are faced with the logistics of family law, any number of emotional questions can loom large:

  • How often will I get to see my child, and what can I do to work for his or her well-being?
  • How will I handle my adoption issues?
  • What happens if my spouse relocates?
  • How will I handle my domestic violence issue?
  • What about spousal and child support/maintenance (alimony)?

When it comes to you, and even more so if there are issues of your child, it's important to have an experienced attorney who will work aggressively to protect the interests of your family.

Marshall County Family Law Attorneys

Because we've been practicing as lawyers for over 30 years in Western Kentucky, there's almost no family law issue we haven't seen. We're committed to bringing our comprehensive knowledge of Kentucky family law and our dedication to fighting aggressively for your rights and interests. Whether it's an issue of domestic violence, protection orders, adoption, support or otherwise, we're ready to work with you toward a best possible outcome.

We're no stranger to litigation or the courtroom. Ideally, of course, we'll work to resolve your issues as efficiently and as amicably as possible. If, however, there's a struggle, we're committed to working aggressively to protect the interests of you and your loved ones.

To talk about any aspect of your family law issue, call our offices at 800-574-9036 or e-mail us to set up an initial consultation.